PureCare Dream Composer Replacement Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask

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Designed to be used with PureCare's the Dream Composer Sleep Shade, the therapeutic Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask features a distinct blend of botanical essential oil extracts, including: neroli, jasmine, lavender and jojoba. The soothing gel mask contours to the unique curvature of your cheekbones and brow, helping to alleviate muscle tension around the eyes. Don’t just rest—indulge in the benefits of relaxation.

Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask

  • Essential oils promote relaxation
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Soothes tired eyes


  1. Cleanse your face and eye area, removing any makeup.
  2. Lay the Sleep Shade flat, with the interior face up.
  3. Remove one of the Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Masks from the resealable silver packet, peel the protective film away from the gel lining and discard protective film.
  4. With the lavender fabric face down, tuck the edges of the Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask beneath each of the three Velcro pockets on the Sleep Shade.
  5. Fit the Sleep Shade + Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask over the bridge of the nose, pressing softly around the eyes and adjusting as needed for the perfect fit.

IMPORTANT: When finished using the Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask, apply the rectangular protective film to gel surface of the mask and store in the resealable silver packet. If stored properly, each Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask will provide refreshing relief for up to 90 days.


Sleep Mask: Hand wash in cold water.

Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask: Rinse under flowing cool water for 10-15 seconds. Gently dab any remaining droplets with a soft, clean towel before returning the Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask to the sealed silver packet. Can be washed twice.

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