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Infuse or recharge your PureCare® Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protector with the calming, soothing, and sedative effects of PureCare's aromatherapy scented sachets. Choose from five different aromatherapy sachets, inserted into PureCare's patent pending sachet pockets on the inside of PureCare Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors. Be creative with PureCare's Aromatherapy sachets! Use them in a sock drawer or in a cabinet to expand your aromatherapy experience throughout your home. Scented sachets last for up to three months and are made with natural ingredients and essential oils. See below for our tantalizing aromatic options:

Lavender: experience the calming, soothing, and sedative effects of all natural lavender. Relied upon for relief from sore muscles, headaches and inflammation, lavender may also improve sleep quality and promote relaxation in individuals who have trouble sleeping.

Jasmine: Derived from the phrase “heavenly felicity,” the scent of jasmine has intrigued poets and perfumers for thousands of years with it’s rich, warm floral scent. This distinct and sweetly exotic fragrance has been known to sedate the nervous system, relieve headaches and ease insomnia.

Mandarin: Tangy and sweet, the zesty fragrance of mandarin will lift your spirits and tingle your senses. Breathe deeply and allow this rejuvenating scent to relieve tension and invigorate the mind and body.

Sandalwood: Unwind as the soft, warm fragrance of sandalwood relaxes brain waves and calms the nervous system. With an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac, mood lifter and mild sedative, sandalwood is a time-tested companion to better sleep.

Eucalyptus: Rid the clouded mind of mental fatigue and exhaustion with the refreshingly crisp scent of eucalyptus. Known to aide in the relief of sinus and lung congestion, the reviving aroma of eucalyptus helps to clear blocked nasal passages and bestow a calm, peaceful sleep.

Welcome to the future of tranquil slumber. Health and wellness for the entire family.

Scented sachets last for up to three months and are made with essential oils. Queen and King size PureCare® Aromatherapy protectors have two Aromatherapy sachet pockets. All PureCare Aromatherapy pillow protectors have two pillow sachet pockets. Twin, Twin XL, Full and Full XL Aromatherapy mattress covers have one sachet pocket. Remove sachets when laundering protector.

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