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Introducing PureCare One™, the three-in-one pillow revolution. Never before has a pillow collection dared to defy convention quite like One. Utilising PureCare's patented three-piece system of contouring components, each PureCare One™ pillow is specifically designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural curvature. Pillows have evolved, and the revolution starts here. You've GOT to try One.

Sleep Clean:

Cover: The cover found on PureCare One™ pillows are created from bamboo rayon. The bamboo fibre is then treated with antimicrobial silver ions, which inhibit bacteria, mould, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odours. Great for allergy sufferers! Cover is also bed bug proof.

MiteTight® Sealed Seams and locking zippers: PureCare's patented sealed seams and strong locking zippers ensure that allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs do not penetrate your pillow. Rest secured with PureCare.

Sleep Your Way:

Ideal for back sleepers: Back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. PureCare One™ is designed to move with you, cradling and soothing the resting body regardless of your preferred sleep position.

Silhouette Supports™: Choose from comforts in memory foam, gel wrapped memory foam, and latex foam for a unique blend of comfort and reserved response that cradles the curvatures of the neck and spine.

Soul Centre™ Made With (i.d.) Identically Down: PureCare’s exclusive designer down alternative, Identically Down (i.d.) provides the comfort of down without the drawbacks of down allergens.

Cover: The PureCare One™ bamboo rayon/velour cover keeps your head dry and cool, and is soft and lush to the touch.

Sleep Cool

PureCare One’s patented three-piece interior allows air to flow freely around each component, providing a cooler sleep surface than traditional pillows.

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