PureCare Plush Combo Memory Foam/Latex Pillow

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Two sides, two comforts. Natural latex provides ultimate pressure relief and responsive support. Temperature neutral memory foam contours to the curvatures of the spine for enhanced comfort.

Indulge yourself with a PureCare Plush™ pillow – pillows that redefine health and wellness. Only PureCare Plush™ pillows start with the softest bamboo fibre based covers, before receiving a unique application of silver ions that locate and deactivate bacteria while suppressing the reproduction of dust mites and other allergens.

PureCare Plush Combo Memory Foam/Latex Pillow – The "Best of Both Worlds" pillow. 


Premium Memory Foam: PureCare's temperature neutral memory foam provides a unique blend of comfort and reserved response, cradling the curvatures of the neck and spine.

Natural latex: PureCare's premium natural latex naturally inhibits dust mites and allergens, while providing the ultimate in pressure relief and responsive support.


The PureCare Plush bamboo rayon/velour cover keeps your head dry and cool, and is soft and lush to the touch. Each cover is treated with a unique application of antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacteria, mould, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, odours. Great for allergy sufferers! Cover is also bed bug proof.

MiteTight® Sealed Seams and Locking Zippers: PureCare's patented sealed seams ensure that allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs do not penetrate your pillow. PureCare Plush pillows also have strong locking zippers that keep the bugs out. Rest secured with PureCare.

PureCare Plush combo foam pillows have a five year warranty. Products proudly conform to the Oeko-Tex healthy product standard. Cover may be machine washed on cold settings, air dry.

Comfort and Health. Redefined®.

Product Feature

  • Antimicrobial Silver treated cover
  • Allergen resistant cover
  • Dust mite resistant cover
  • Bed bug proof cover
  • MiteTight Seams
  • Locking Zipper
Bed bug proof

Bed Bug Proof Cover

Allergen proof

Allergen Resistant Cover

Dust mite proof

Dust Mite Resistant Cover

Antimicrobial silver

Featuring Antimicrobial Silver Cover Protection

Warranty: 5 year

Care Instructions

Care instructions

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