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PureCare® pillow protectors fit your pillow like a pillowcase with a zippered enclosure. PureCare® pillow protectors ensure that your pillow remains clean by providing premium protection that creates a healthier sleep environment. Great for allergy sufferers, PureCare's pillow protectors are used directly under - or in place of - a pillowcase and provide the perfect barrier for pillow protection. PureCare pillow protectors are bed bug, dust mite, allergen, mould, mildew, stain and moisture proof. PureCare's exclusive AirXchange® filter allows air to pass through PureCare's pillow protectors while filtering out contaminants to keep it cool and ensure that pillow comfort is not affected. PureCare pillow protectors work with any pillow type; including memory foam, down, gel or latex pillows.

PureCare pillow protectors featuring Aromatherapy, Celliant®, FRíO™, or antimicrobial silver technology - are used and recommended by over 12,000 physicians in the USA - and are the official pillow protectors of the prestigious National Sleep Foundation (USA).

See below for PureCare's leading selection of the finest pillow protectors and covers from PureCare, and make a commitment to sleep healthier today.

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