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PureCare® Celliant

Reduce pain. Heal faster. Sleep better® with the PureCare Celliant® mattress and pillow protectors - the official protectors of the National Sleep Foundation (USA) - featuring Celliant performance fibres which increase circulation in the body. Increased circulation naturally promotes minor pain reduction, faster recovery after physical activity and better sleep by balancing body temperature at night. Great for allergy sufferers, PureCare's mattress and pillow protectors provide protection from dust mites, allergens, stains, mould, mildew and moisture and are used and recommended by over 12,000 physicians in the USA.

Celliant Technology:

PureCare®, the leader in health and wellness in the sleep products protection industry, have combined PureCare's specially designed OmniGuard® Advance fabric with Celliant® fibres - the world’s first responsive textile with clinically proven benefits to the human body. Celliant absorbs and stores energy emissions from the human body and releases them into the skin and deep muscle tissue, increasing capillary size and circulation, which aids in natural biological processes that allow the body to reduce minor aches and pains, heal faster and sleep better, all leading to an overall increase in performance and an overall improved sense of health. Celliant works equally well through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or synthetic pillowcases. Create a healthier sleep environment with PureCare, and Enhance Your Life™ with Celliant wellness performance fibres

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