Mattress Protectors

OmniGuard® Advanced™ PureFlow Pillow Protector

Antibacterial Silver Mattress Encasement

OmniGuard® Advanced™ fabric provides soft, quite and comfortable protection. OmniGuard® Advanced™ fabric is a dual layer fabric: the PolyKnit™ outer shell and InnerShield™ membrane work together to provide an impenetrable shield against moisture while ensuring you have a comfortable nights sleep.

The InnerShield™ membrane provides an impenetrable waterproof barrier that prevents perspiration and other moisture (including human and pet fluids) from reaching the pillow. And, because the InnerShield™ membrane is applied using Microdot technology, air flows easily through the fabric providing ultimate breathability and comfort. For added comfort, the PolyKnit™ outer shell acts like modern sportswear wicking away liquid to keep you dry and prevent you from over-heating while you sleep.


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Allergen Proof

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Dust Mite Proof

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Mould & Mildew Proof


  • Allergen proof barrier
  • Dust mite proof barrier
  • 360° waterproof protection
  • Mould & mildew proof barrier
  • MiteTight Seams
  • Locking Zippers
  • OmniGuard Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric
  • 5 year warranty

Size Chart

    Standard 53cm x 69cm

Care Instructions

Machine wash and dry on HOT settings.

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