Resistant Stain Cleaner

Resistant Stain Cleaner

Resistant Stain Cleaner is a highly concentrated stain removal gel designed to remove old and resistant stains like marker, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up products, shoe polish and wax. Use Resistant Stain Cleaner in conjunction with the other products in the SOS Textile Stain Remover Kit.

Type: Water-based textile cleaner product

Cleaning power: High

Suitable for: Fabric upholstery, carpets and rugs


  • Stain removal: old or resistant stains, such as marker, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up, shoe polish and waxes.


  • Water based
  • Concentrated gel form allows for targeted stain removal
  • Highly affective on old and resistant stains


Available in:

1 litre

1 litre

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