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Like clothing, upholstery can be made from many different kinds of fibres. There are three basic types of fibres: synthetic fibres; plant fibres, for example cotton, linen and rayon; and animal fibres, for example wool and silk.

Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic fibres are man made. Like plastics, synthetic fibres are usually made from materials derived from petrochemicals. They are generally stronger than plant and animal fibres. Synthetic fibres include: nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin, microfibre. Each fibre has unique features, but most synthetic fibres are:

Note on microfibre: microfibre upholstery is long lasting and easy to clean, but it is made from materials nearly identical to those used to in microfibre cleaning cloths, so it will grab onto oil, dust and dirt just like the cleaning cloths do. We recommend regularly cleaning microfibre upholstery with a microfibre cleaning cloth to prevent soiling from building up.

Plant Fibres

These fabrics are made from plant fibres, also called cellulosic fibres, and include: cotton, linen, jute and rayon. These fibres may be naturally occurring, for example cotton, or man made, for example rayon. Cotton and rayon are commonly used in upholstery fabrics, both alone and in blends.




Animal Fibres

These are protein fibres produced by animals. Wool and silk are the most common examples of protein fibres.



Blended Fibres

Manufactures frequently blend several different fibres together in a single fabric to combine the best qualities of each. When caring for blended fabrics you must always provide care according to the needs of the most delicate fibre. If in doubt, consult the fabric care label.

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