Textile Master Fabric Protection with the Multimaster 3 Year Stains Only Product Warranty

What is Fabric Protection?

Nothing can provide 100% protection, but treated furnishings and rugs have a protective layer which prevents spills from easily soaking into the fabric. Without protection, your furniture may be vulnerable to stains. Spills on untreated natural fibres easily penetrate deep into the fabric causing stains that are often permanent or very difficult to remove.

Our Fabric Protection is applied before your furniture is delivered, so your furniture will arrive protected and ready to use. The fabric protection coats every fibre of the fabric creating a durable barrier that protects your furniture or rug from stains, but doesn’t affect its look, feel or smell.

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What is the Stains Only Product Warranty?

We are so confident in the quality of our fabric protection that we are happy to supply it with a 3 year product warranty. The warranty protects your rug or furniture's fabric upholstery from accidental stains that occur while you furniture is being used for its intended purpose, as shown below.

  • All accidental food and beverage spills.
  • Human and pet bodily fluids.

What Services do we provide under the Stains Only Product Warranty?

If a stain is determined to be covered under the warranty, we will provide the following services:

In the event of a stain, we will provide you with cleaning advice and specialty stain removal products (if appropriate and provided you have purchased and used the recommended products). If you are unable to remove the stain, we will arrange for a professional upholstery cleaner to remove the stain for you.

If a stain is covered under the warranty and it cannot be removed by an authorised cleaning technician, we will refund you the price paid for the warranty (proof of purchase is required).

What is the warranty available with?

You can purchase a the Fabric Protection and Product Warranty with rugs and most fabric upholstered furniture, including: lounge chairs, lounge suites, recliners, bedheads, bed-frames and dining chairs.

Please note: availability will vary between stores, please ask your local retailer for more details.

How many rugs or pieces of furniture will the warranty cover?

The warranty is available in two sizes:

Dual: covers 1-4 seats

Multiple: covers 5-8 seats

What’s a seat?

To make it easy to include different types of furniture on the same warranty we have developed the “seat” unit of measurement. A “seat” is equivalent to a single lounge seat.

  • Lounge Seats: a “seat” is equal to the number of people who can sit on the furniture. For example, a single recliner = 1 seat, a three seater sofa = 3 seats, etc.
  • Dining Chairs: four dining chairs are equal to one seat.

What about rugs?

  • Small – Medium Rug (up to 5m2) = Dual Warranty
  • Large Rug (5-10m2) = Multiple Warranty

What about beds?

  • Upholstered bedheads:
    All sizes = Dual Warranty
  • Fully upholstered beds (bedhead, sides and footboard):
    Single or King Single = Dual Warranty
    Double, Queen, King, Super King, NZ King, California King = Multiple Warranty

What should I do if I spill something on my furniture?

Act immediately! Most spills can be cleaned from leather if you act quickly.

  1. Scrape off any solid materials using a spoon or blunt knife, and vacuum or sweep off any dry residue. Do not vacuum or sweep the area if the stain is still wet.
  2. Soak-up any liquids using a clean, colour-fast cloth.
  3. Contact us as soon as possible for advice. You are required to call us within five days, but the sooner you contact us, the easier the stain will be to remove.

How do I make a service request?

If you require assistance please call our customer service number:

Australia 1300 885 010

New Zealand 0800 888 789

When you call please ensure that you have your original invoice and warranty registration number at hand. If you have not already done so, you will be required to register you warranty and provide proof of purchase (a copy of your invoice or sales receipt).

Please remember that your warranty needs to be registered before we can process your service request. You can register online or by mailing, emailing or faxing the registration form and a copy of your invoice to:

Multimaster Unit 12, 398 The Boulevarde


Fax: +612 8536 9001

Email: info@multimaster.com.au

Your responsibilities

  • You must purchase your Fabric Protection with the Stains Only Product Warranty at the same time as your new furniture (they must be on the same invoice).
  • Before you use your new furniture, you must check that it is free from stains, soiling or damage.
  • You must use the recommended products on your furniture in accordance with the directions of use or as directed by Multimaster. The recommended products for fabric lounges are:
    Textile Master Textile Cleaner for regular cleaning, general soiling and water based stains (food, beverage and bodily fluid stains).
    Textile Master SOS Stain Removal Kit for removing stubborn stains and heavy soiling.
  • You must regularly clean and correctly maintain your furniture. Maintenance guidelines are provided in your warranty brochure. In additional to regular maintenance, fabric upholstery should be cleaned by a professional approximately every 18 months. How to care for fabric
  • Do not use or apply any cleaning or protection product not approved by Multimaster. If you do, you will void your warranty.
  • The warranty does not eliminate the need for routine cleaning and maintenance of your furniture. When fabric is correctly maintained, it is possible to remove most stains. How to clean fabric
  • You must contact us within five days of any incident causing a stain or damage (accumulated stains and damage are not covered under the warranty).
  • You must be able to tell us how the stain or damage occurred (the warranty does not cover unidentified stains or damage).

Limitations of the warranty

  • The Multimaster 3 Year Stains Only Product Warranty is a warranty on the protection product applied to your furniture, it is not an extended manufacturer’s warranty for your furniture. The warranty does not cover manufacturing faults of any kind, including fabric that is not of acceptable quality or does not meet Australian standards.
  • The warranty only covers stains; it does not cover damage of any kind.
  • The warranty is not a cleaning contract. The warranty does not cover accumulated stains.
  • The warranty is not an insurance policy. The warranty only covers stains that occur when the furniture is being used for its intended purpose. It does not cover: fire; flood; acts of god; natural disasters; furniture that is in storage; furniture that is in transit or being transported (including within your home); or stains that are not a result of the lounge being used for its intended purpose (for example, paint splatters that occur while painting nearby walls or ceilings).
  • The warranty does not cover unidentifiable or unexplainable stains. You need to be able to tell us how the stain happened.
  • The warranty only applies to the upholstered cover of your furniture. The warranty does not cover structural components (including damage to stitching, buttons, zippers, decorative trims, foams, frames and mechanisms).
  • The warranty only applies to individual incidents of accidental staining, the warranty does not cover accumulated stains or damage, wear and tear or anything that happens gradually. Including: dye transfer; damage from accumulated perspiration, hair and body oils; or accumulated stains.
  • The warranty only covers furniture that is properly maintained and being used for its intended purpose. The warranty does not cover stains or damage caused by: mishandling, deliberate acts, abuse or vandalism (including damage caused by pets and children); the incorrect us of, or failure to use, the Multimaster products; oxidation; corrosion; or sun damage.
  • The warranty only covers stains cause by foods, beverages and bodily fluids. The warranty does not cover stains caused by any other substances.
  • The warranty does not cover the removal of odours.
  • The warranty only covers furniture for domestic use. The warranty does not cover furniture that is used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • Service under the warranty is provided at no cost to you, provided you live within a 150 km radius of a designated Multimaster Service Centre (or retail store of purchase). If you live outside the service area, you may be required to pay the freight cost to have your furniture cleaned. Alternately, it will be your responsibility to organise delivery of your furniture to the nearest service centre, or retail store of purchase, for service under the warranty. Multimaster Service Centres are located in all metropolitan and most regional areas.

Please note: this document is intended as a guide only. Specific terms and conditions may vary. Please refer to your terms and conditions document or contact us for more information

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