Dealing with spills & stains

This is a quick guide to removing stains, you should consult the Product Selection Guide for advice on which stain removal products to use for your leather type. To make removing a stain as easy as possible, you need the right cleaning product. Using the right cleaning product makes it easier to remove the stain and saves you time and money.

Act Immediately!

The quicker you attend to a spill the less likely it is to cause a permanent stain. Many substances undergo chemical changes as they dry that permanently bond them to leather.

Step 1: Remove liquids

Soak up any liquids using a paper towel or clean, white cloth.

Step 2: Remove solids

Carefully remove any solids using a spoon or a blunt knife. If the solids have dried, they can be gently brushed or vacuumed off.

Step 3: Clean the area

Clean the area with Leather Soft Cleaner (or a Nubuck Cloth, if your leather is nubuck), this will remove general soiling and most fresh stains. If you are unable to remove the stain using Leather Soft Cleaner, or the Nubuck Cloth, identifying the stain and remove it using the appropriate product. Stains can be grouped into two broad categories: common stains and special cases. Common stains can usually be removed using regular to strong cleaning products. Special cases are tough stains that are best removed using specialised stain removal products.

COMMON STAINS include: general soiling, food and beverage spills, and pet or human bodily fluids.

SPECIAL CASES include: ink stains, dye transfer, oily or greasy stains, accumulated body oils, stains caused by cosmetics, and mould.

Once you have identified the stain, use the Product Selection Guide to choose the best cleaning or stain removal product for your leather type.

REMEMBER: Always treat leather furniture gently. Never rub or scrub. This is particularly important when using strong cleaners. Strong cleaners are tough on stains, but they can also be tough on your furniture. They need to be used care. It is always best to use the gentlest cleaner possible and only use a stronger cleaner when absolutely necessary. DO NOT try to remove the stain using regular household cleaning products.

Product selection guide

When it comes to leather, it's vital that you use the right product for the job. The product you need will be dictated the leather type. What's your leather type?

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