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Keeping your leather goods stain free doesn't need to be hard work. With our range of targeted stains removers, you just need to select the right product and let it do the work. If you aren't sure what product to use, the Product Selection Guide can help.

All Leather Master products have been developed at the Uniters Research Centre. Uniters guarantees that all its products and services conform to the strictest standards of quality, reliability, performance and safety. View ISO & OHSAS certifications.

Mould Killer

Removes mould from all types of leather

Odour Remover

Removes odours from all types of leather

Ink Away

Removes fresh ink marks from pigmented leather

Spew Remover

Removes fat spew from aniline and pigmented leather

Leather Degreaser

Removes greasy and oily stains from all types of leather

Dye Transfer Cleaner

Removes dye transfer stains from aniline and pigmented leather

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