Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is the rug?

Our standard woven rug set is about 6mm thick when the cover & pad are assembled together. It was designed to provide cushion without excess heaviness or clunkiness and to give clearance for opening a door without catching it on the rug.

Will the cover continue to cling to the rug pad after several washings?

Yes, the strength of the Cling Effect™ does not wear off over time. Even after several washings, the cover will continue to grip like it did the first time.

Is this a good product if you have pets?

Of course! The idea came to our founder when her dog had an accident on her new area rug. She tried every miracle cleaner and remedy she could find, but the odour was trapped deep in the carpet fibres of the rug. With Ruggable rugs, you can thoroughly clean both the cover and the pad (see care instructions) and rinse away stains and odours - not to mention all the hair, dirt, slobber and scooting!

What happens if my pet urinates on the rug and it goes through the cover and gets in the rug pad?

If this happens, you can choose to spot treat the rug pad temporarily by spraying a household cleaner directly on rug pad, or to thoroughly clean it, saturate the rug pad with warm soapy water and rinse it with clean water and then hang it to dry. This is not convenient if your pet has frequent accidents, but for the occasional accident, it's an excellent solution. You can completely get rid of the odour and you don't have to worry about your rug being ruined.

Is this a good product if you have allergies?

Yes, when you wash/dry the cover in the home washing machine, it will help remove dirt, dust & dander. The rug pad can also be thoroughly cleaned (see care instructions) or easily lifted to clean under the rug where excess dust can accumulate.

What is the rug made of?

Our woven covers are 100% polyester (the top of the cover is made of woven polyester chenille style yarn and the bottom is a polyester knit). The two layers of fabric are bonded together with a non-toxic glue also made of 100% polyester. This makes it possible to recycle the cover because it is all made of the same synthetic material.

Another interesting note about polyester is that the fibre does not absorb liquid. Yes, liquid will be absorbed in between the fibres but not within the fibre This is why stains and odours wash out so easily.

Our shag covers are made of modacrylic, a synthetic fibre with natural flame resistance. We do not add flame resistant chemicals to any of our products mainly because they are toxic, but also because they would wash out after repeated washings. Instead, we use materials that naturally meet or exceed flame resistant testing standards.

The rug pad is made of polyester (95% recycled fibre). The Cling Effect™ texture is created by heating the surface (think Crème Brûlée dessert). The non-slip backing is made of Thermoplastic Resin (TPR) a latex-free synthetic material that is commonly used in yoga mats.

Is the shag material like a sheepskin?

No, it's not as thick or as dense as a sheepskin. It's more similar in style to a Flokati rug. The fibre is sometimes referred to as faux mohair, or faux mongolian sheep hair.

Is the non-slip rug pad safe for hardwood floors?

We always recommend checking with the manufacturer of your flooring, but generally speaking, our latex-free TPR backing material has passed all flooring tests and does not stain or leave residue hard surface floors or vinyl.

Can I use a Ruggable rug over carpet?

Our rug system is not heavy and was designed for hard surface floors which keeps the rug in place. When placed over carpet, especially carpet that is thick and plush, it will not be heavy enough to stay in place. Some people use them over low pile carpet or on carpet but under a table to keep it anchored. For example, we don't recommend using a Ruggable runner over carpet in a hallway with nothing to hold it in place.

Can I use a Ruggable outside or in a bathroom?

Yes, our rugs can be used outside or in wet areas like the bathroom. The covers and rug pad are made of 100% polyester which is a synthetic fibre that does not absorb or trap liquid. It will not mildew and you can wash away dirt and odour When the rug is completely saturated with water after heavy rain or a leaky shower, we recommend separating the cover and the rug pad and hanging both to dry.

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