Mohawk's PermaFill™ system comes with four of the most popular colours, but just in case those aren't what you need, we have you covered. Mohawk's replacement cartridges will help you make the right match for your furniture quickly and easily. 


  • Each cartridge will complete up to 25 repairs
  • Available in 18 colours that will match most common timber finishes
  • Cartridges come in packs of three colours, which correspond to six colour families

Cartridge Packs

  • DARK COLOURS: Cranberry, Walnut & Black
  • LIGHT BROWNS: Hickory, Light Tan & Golden Oak
  • GREYS: Light Grey, Medium Grey & Dark Grey
  • RED BROWNS: Cherry, Brown Mahogany & Red Mahogany
  • NATURALS: Clears, Light Natural & Dark Natural
  • WHITES: White, Eggshell & Vanilla Bean


STEP 1: Turn on the PERMAFILL™ DISPENSER. When the green LED is lit, the fill material is melted and ready to dispense.

STEP 2: Gently squeeze the trigger to dispense the filler, then slowly lay a line of melted filler into the scratch.

STEP 3: Allow the fill to cure (this will take less than 30 seconds). Remove the file from PERMAFILL™ Dispenser and gently remove the excess material with the special levelling tool until the repair is level.

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