Uniters Pure Multipurpose Care Kit with a Multimaster 5 Year Product Warranty

For all timber furniture, including timber furniture with leather or fabric upholstered sections.

What are your choices?

We offer two timber care solutions with a product warranty:

Please note: product availability varies between stores, please ask your furniture retailer for more information about the specific Multimaster Care Kits that they stock.

What is a Uniters Pure Multipurpose Care Kit?

The Uniters Pure Multipurpose Care Kit is the perfect maintenance kit for timber furniture. Not only does it contain a cleaner and polish designed to give your timber furniture the delicate care it deserves, it also contains care products for leather and fabric. Not only do Uniters Pure Kits protect your furniture, they also protect the environment. Uniters Pure products are environmentally preferred products endorsed by Uniters Spa, and ISO 14001 environmentally certified manufacturer. They are: phosphate free, biodegradable, free of hazardous air pollutants and ozone friendly.

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What is the Product Warranty?

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are happy to provide a warranty with all our Uniters Pure Multipurpose Care Kits. The warranty reflects our confidence in our products ability to keep your furniture clean and stain free. In addition, we have extended the warranty to cover specific incidents of damage.

What does the Product Warranty cover?

If you take good care of your furniture it should last a long time. But accidents happen. Our warranty is designed to give you greater peace of mind by providing you with protection against some of those accidents. The warranty covers the timber and any leather or fabric upholstered sections. The warranty protects your furniture from accidental stains or damage that occur while your furniture is being used for its intended purpose, as shown below.

Warranty coverage


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Please note:

The warranty does not cover stains caused by products that are not water, oil or alcohol based, including, but not limited to nail polish, superglue, and permanent markers.

Claims for damage caused by pets are limited to one claim and Multimaster’s liability is limited to repairing a single panel of the furniture. Pet damage where the damage extends through the furniture`s upholstery are not covered under the warranty.

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